A Message From Our Founder

My interest in law began after a summer internship in the State of Idaho’s Office of the Attorney General. This pivotal experience ultimately inspired me to switch plans of pursuing an MBA and decide, instead, to pursue a career in law. During that internship, my eyes were opened to the broad realities of drought and the importance water rights play from State to State. I envisioned my future self leading the fight against California’s attempt to appropriate Idaho’s water from the Snake River, striking fear into farmers, landholders and other citizens of the West. Although this never happened, I did begin my lifelong interest in land rights and water law! Upon graduating from the University of Utah Law School in 1988, I moved to Massachusetts to join my husband, Albert. I soon learned that issues surrounding water rights in New England (while important) did not approach the same level of concern that they did to those with water rights in Idaho. So, my focus turned instead to the land and its passage of ownership through titles. Has the thought ever crossed your  mind when driving down the street “who owns this land”, where is the nearest boundary marker that the surveyors must start from; and how was this farm or woodland sold and subdivided? I often consider these questions and am intrigued by how the history of New England and its earliest settlers played a part in unraveling these mysteries.

I have been conducting real estate closings since 1989 and am grateful for everything I’ve learned along the way. As the closing attorney, I witness the moment people become homeowners. The deed is recorded and the keys are handed over. Homeownership is something my clients have worked hard for – and I am happy to play a part in that process.

Titles in Massachusetts are intricate and fascinating. Real Estate Conveyancing has been my primary practice area since opening my own practice in 1995.  The industry has changed a lot since I conducted my first real estate closing in 1989.  The practice of real estate law has become  more regulated and form intensive and while technology allows us to be more proficient with turnarounds and deadlines, it also presents some of our biggest threats.

Today, I am happy to have a team of professional women who share our vision of becoming our niche title and closing company.


Jane Innamorati